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Noah - Sponsor Now


Place Namatala, Mbale, Uganda

Project Ebenezer Christian Ministries

Age 19

Given Name Noah

Gender Male

Grade S.3

Total Number of Children in Home 09

Life Story Noah is the eighth child in their family of nine children. He was born in polygamous family where his father married two wives and Noah's mother was the first wife. When Noah's father married the second wife, he just abandoned Noah's mother and all her children. The family because helpless and well-wishers picked up children to stay with them and that's how Noah is also living with a good Samaritan for four years now. The remaining siblings of Noah have never gotten opportunity of going to school but Noah's caretaker has tried to support him up to senior one. However, the caretaker also has her own struggles and with limited resources and she is now having trouble supporting Noah with his basic needs of life.

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