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Place Ebenezer Christian Ministries Primary School, Namabasa, Mbale, Uganda

Project Ebenezer Christian School

Age 10

Given Name Rehema Mwajuma

Gender Female

Grade P3

Total Number of Children in Home 5

Life Story Rehema is 9 years old. She is staying with her uncle’s wife. Her parents could not take care of her properly, so the uncle’s wife rescued the situation by adding her on a family of other 6 children. Her parents became parents at every young age, and they abandoned their responsibilities. Rehema was starving and rescued by her uncle’s wife. Now the uncle has a big responsibility of other kids, and she is seeking for more help for Rehema. She loves school and she wants to become a teacher in future. Best food for her is rice and meat. She loves playing net ball. Her prayer is for God to meet her needs.