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Place Namatala, Mbale, Uganda

Project Ebenezer Christian Ministries

Age 16

Given Name Milly Cythia

Gender Female

Grade Senior Two(S.2)

Name of school(If not listed) Already listed..

Total Number of Children in Home 05

Life Story Milly is needy 16 years old girl. The mother of Milly was still young and in high school when got pregnant. Some people advised her to abort but the parents advised her not to abort and she was patient until she gave birth. After giving birth, she wished to go back to school but her parents were not able to pay for school fees and that's how she dropped out of school. Life was tough for her until she started doing work of housemaid for two years so that she could earn a living to care for her baby. Work of housemaid was not favourable for her and so she decided to get married and left her child with the grandparents who were also struggling for their own life. When she saw that the grandparents were not able to care for Milly, she requested her husband, and she picked Milly and started staying with her but the situation she is in is still not good because getting tuition and basic requirements is not easy for her. Milly prays that God provides so that her dream of becoming a Doctor comes true.