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Merida - Sponsor Now


Place Ebenezer Baptist Church, Namatala, Mbale, Uganda

Project Ebenezer Christian Ministries Primary School

Age 14

Given Name Merida

Gender Female

Grade P6

Total Number of Children in Home 4

Life Story Merida is the first born child and has one full sibling and three half siblings. She lives with her grandparents. Her parents were HIV positive and the mother died when Merida was 7 years old while her young sibling was 7 months old. So right now, Merida, her young sibling and their father are HIV positive and are on ARVs. Merida and her sibling are living in very difficult conditions in terms of feeding and they have lost hope for education because lack of tuition. The father is very sickly and cannot manage to work. The grandparents have also grown very old and they don't have any source of income. Merida and her sibling have now lost hope and that can be seen through flowing tears as they narrate their sad story. Merida's situation needs good nutrition which she lacks. Other pressing needs are beddings, clothing and tuition. Merida dreams of becoming a Teacher if God does for her miracles to be at school.