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Place Ebenezer Christian Ministries Primary School, Namabasa, Mbale, Uganda

Project Ebenezer Christian School

Age 8

Given Name Esther Kwagala

Gender Female

Grade P2

Total Number of Children in Home 3

Life Story She was born on 25th Jan 2015. She is a needy child at Ebenezer Christian School. Currently she stays with her a step grandmother. Her young parents did not marry each other and never stayed together. Esther was abandoned at the home of the grandmother at the age of two. After one year the grandmother developed mental illness due to HIV/AIDS and she could move with this child on the streets. Whenever she could realize they were looking for her, she could become rude and threw stones at people until they had to hire some people who removed the child (Esther) from her by force. She is now staying with her step grandmother. Her mother’s location is not known. Her grandmother was later taken to the hospital but she is yet to stabilize. Her best subject is English; best food is rice and chicken. Best color is pink. She loves rope jumping. She loves being at church and singing to the Lord. Her prayer is that God will make a miracle for her to have all the help she needs to stay in school and also see her mother.

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