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Place Ebenezer Christian Ministries Primary School, Namabasa, Mbale, Uganda

Project Ebenezer Christian School

Age 4

Given Name Anna Mercy

Gender Female

Grade p1

Name of school(If not listed) Ngabi Royal Junior School

Total Number of Children in Home 7

Life Story She was born on the 4th of June 2019. She is a half orphan. She goes to Ngabi Royal Junior School. The mother of mercy had two children. Mutto Tom Timothy and Baluka Anna Mercy. The mother had cancer and was brought to Ebenezer Baptist Church to be prayed for and seeking for help. She was later taken to Mulago national referral hospital, and the leg was amputated while pregnant. She gave birth to Mercy, and she was taken back for the second operation, and she later died after two months. By then Mercy was four months. The father disowned the children and disappeared without any help claiming that they had converted to Christianity. The mother died as a believer in Christ. They now stay with their grandmother (Lovisa) under the care of the Church. Mercy used to be sickly for several times. She loves singing. Her best food is rice and meat. She loves rope jumping. Her best subject is English. Her dream is to become a nurse. Her prayer is to get a sponsor.