We celebrate the final capping of Ebenezer Christian School's original building!  Please consider supporting Mission Mbale in reaching this milestone and finishing off the classroom blocks.  These final classrooms will insure the space currently needed for grades Primary 1 through Primary 7.   Our student body of over 300 students will fill these rooms with the desire to learn and the love of Jesus. We pray you will join in support. 

Communicating with your sponsored child

Published Wed, Feb 03, 21. Written by Tiffany Powers.





Once again we want to say a big THANK YOU for your support and prayers for your sponsor child. It is because of YOU that GOD has changed the life of the child. It is because of you that an opportunity that seemed insurmountable has become a reality. The children are being taught God’s Word, receiving an education, have food to eat (even during a pandemic), and so many other things!


Many of you have asked – how can I communicate with my sponsored child?? I want to get to know them better!!! By moving to an online format with our sponsorship program – this is something that has become a reality. We are in the beginning stages – so please be patient with us. The lines of communication are not always on a timely basis in Uganda – so please know that a response from your sponsored child can be delayed. We are also in the process of training the children’s leader (Joseph) in Uganda how to manage this part of the program. We had hoped to begin this training in person this past year but due to COVID – of course this did not become a reality.


T o send a message, photo, etc to your sponsored child:


  1. Log on to the Mission Mbale website at missionmbale.org
  2. Top right corner – you will see the “Log In
  3. Create an account

NOTE: If you signed up online for your sponsorship – you can easily create this.

Your user name is your email. You may have to create your password.

 A valid email is necessary to correspond.

  1. Once you are logged in – you should see Profile – click on this and choose your sponsored child
  2. On the far right, there is the red circle with an envelope icon – click on this
  3. Type your letter – you can attach photos, etc and send


For those of you who are not sure if you have a valid online account – please reach out- as we have created it for some of you who were with us before we had the online program.


For those of you who need more one on one assistance we would love to walk you through this process. We are learning here also!!!


Email us at missionmbale@gmail.com (Warren or Mary Faye) or tiffany@missionmbale.org (Tiffany).


Joseph (the children’s leader) will need to have your sponsored child come to his office to see your letter and respond. This is where patience is needed – it could take 4-6 weeks for a response. We can determine the reason for the delay – there are many as our cultures are very different.


The Mission Mbale Team

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