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Issa --2

Place Ebenezer Baptist Church, Namatala, Mbale, Uganda

Age 10

Gender Male

Grade P1

Life Story Issa is 9 years old, needy boy born on 13th April 2012. He is staying with both parents who are in a very bad state and struggling to afford the basic needs. The father is sickly which has made him to be very weak and unable to do any work for over many years. And currently he is admitted to the hospital. The family survives on a single meal per day or even going a day without food. The mother moves around the village to hand-wash for people clothes to earn a living. Unfortunately, she is not paid at many places where is offered such work and yet it is the only source of her family income. If she fails to get someone to hand-wash for the family will starve on that day. She has also developed chest pain due to much bending and washing heaps of clothes in several homes. One of the Issa’s siblings died because of malnutrition and lack of medication. Issa and his 3 siblings now survive on having lunch from church (Ebenezer Baptist Church) daily. All the children share a mat and bed sheet. His best food is rice and loves playing football. His ambition is to become an Engineer. The mother and these children are members of Ebenezer Baptist Church and her prayer is that God wipes their tears as a family.