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Place Ebenezer Christian Ministries Primary School, Namabasa, Mbale, Uganda

Project Ebenezer Christian Ministries Primary School

Age 14

Given Name Emma

Gender Male

Grade Grade

Total Number of Children in Home 8

Life Story Emma was born on 18th/07/2008. He is now 14years old. His mother is called Rose Nabudde. He is the fifth child out of five children from his father’s side. Life has not been easy for Emma since his mother separated with his father in 2008 when Emma was just 2 months old. The mother produced five of them at their father’s place, Emma is the last born. Because of the lack of adequate care, the 2-month baby Emma developed breathing complications as a result of severe cough after contracting pneumonia as an infant. He also once in a while gets Asthma episodes. Medications have been initiated to help with this. Emma’s mother struggled alone with the children until 2011 when she found another husband in Namatala. Due to domestic violence with this second man, Emma, his mother, and other 2 children were chased from home in October2022. The mother began doing casual labor of picking coffee and digging to earn a living. Emma started staying with a brother who is a hawker because the mother could not afford to care for him. Access to food, medical care, clothing, and good shelter was a challenge. This hard life situation forced Emma to start working by grazing cows for someone to afford food. We are thankful to the Lord for his divine connections. Emma now stays at Ebenezer Christian School and God is continuing to provide for his needs. He had been promoted to grade seven as per the report from his former school but after the interviews at Ebenezer Christian School, he has been advised to repeat grade six so that he can catch up with some of the learning areas he missed. His best subjects are social studies and science. His best food is posho and beans, his best color is green. His hobbies are football and swimming. His future ambition is to become a medical doctor in order to help the sick.

We are thankful to the Lord for the provision towards Emma's current needs.