GOAL: $3,000.00

Donate to Crisis Relief - ‘22 Flooding

Field correspondence with needs expressed:

Following the recent floods that have claimed about 22 lives now, and destroyed a lot of property and gardens, we made an assessment and concluded that over 100 people in Namatala alone are affected by the floods.
Most people lost their crops in the gardens that were due for harvest, some young crops recently planted were washed away, to some, houses were brought down and to some, the roofs were taken off.
And against that, we have seen that the need is big and we are kindly requesting for USD $5,000 for mainly buying food items and maybe some beddings for those who lost them completely in the floods. The reason we are requesting that amount is that the food prices have more than doubled from the prices we used to buy 6 months ago. Life is hard!!!
Mission Mbale, our supporters , friends and family know that Life is Hard, but our GOD IS GOOD. Please come along with us as we continue to be the hands and feet of Jesus. 

Relief Aid Needed for Flooding Devastation

Published Tue, Aug 02, 22. Written by Tiffany Powers.

After a significant storm and then another on it’s heels, Mbale suffered massive flooding with over 20 casualties thus far. Many endured impact to there homes and crops.
Will you join with us in prayer and consider any size donation to assist in the support of our dear brothers and sisters during this time of need?